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Oleg Gordeev

Freelance translator

Language specialist in tourism and technical fields

Are you looking for a Russian translator?  Do you want to reach out to Russian-speaking audience?

That's wise! Here is why:

  • Apart from Russia, people speak Russian in Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
  • Large Russian-speaking communities can be found in USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium.
  • 850,000 people in the USA use Russian as their primary language at home.

That's a huge market! These people travel, stay in hotels, buy tourist guides, visit attractions, spend money in restaurants.


Find out how to reach out to them

One of the best ways to attract this audience is to translate your content or product description into their native language. It will make your services even more user-friendly, and let people stay within their comfort zone!

Where to start?

The problem is you might know little about translation industry and are not sure where to start. There are plenty of agencies and freelancers, and they all offer "high quality". You might wonder how to select between translation vendors.

Do you know what type of services you need?

The range of translation-related services is quite extensive:

  • Human vs machine translation
  • Localization, transcreation, adaptation
  • Proofreading, revision, editing

Making the right choice

Too many complicated, industry-specific terms for you! Making a choice seems very difficult. You might be at a loss...

I am here to help and save you from a headache. To save your time and money!

I will guide you throughout the translation process which includes negotiation, translation, and delivery:


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Native speaker, certified Russian translator. Over 15 years in business. Your language specialist


I will help you to reach out to Russian-speaking audience. To go global and to get new clients

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