Case Studies


Combination: English to Russian

Description: Insider guides for

Translation Environment: MS Excel

Translation field: Tourism, travel

Volume: 17,000 words


  • Valencia, Verona, Cannes
  • Nurnberg, Porto
  • Kuta, Patong

Key words: Valencia Tourist Card, transport, paella, Silk Exchange, wine,  metro station, market, guided cycling tours, city streets, gourmet food court, Porta Nuova, Piazza Bra, craft beer fair, Old Town, Verona Airport, tombs, Cannes Film Festival, Croisette, travel, museum, Bali, surf school, shopping center, Kuta beach, Holy Roman Empire, VGN network, city center, Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof, gothic church, Phuket International Airport, shopping areas


Combination: English to Russian

Description: Operator Guides

Translation Environment: Memsource Cloud

Translation field: Automotive, construction

Volume: 45,000 words


  • Forklift components/types, chassis,  controls, instrumentation, attachments,  preventive maintenance, operating procedures, safety, startup/warmup/shutdown procedures, basic maneuvers.
  • Dump truck types, special dump trucks/trailers, instruments, control systems, inspection/startup/shutdown procedures, preventive maintenance, driving/safety practices, loading/dumping/snow plowing.

Key words: forklift, steering, boom, load chart, bucket, dump truck, air brake system, hoist

Other Translations


Combination: English to Russian

Description: Letters of endorsement

Translation Environment: MS Word

Translation field: General

Volume: 5,000 words


  • Letter of endorsement to recommend granting bail, to the authorities of the Russian Federation
  • Letters in support of crew members on the Dutch flagged m.v. "Arctic Sunrise" taken into custody by the authorities
  • Reference letters regarding the detention of Greenpeace activists and a journalist hired by Greenpeace

Key words: Arctic Sunrise, Greenpeace,  protest, drilling platform, custody, letter of endorsement


Combination: English to Russian

Description: Web Management Guide

Translation Environment: Memsource Cloud

Translation field: Telecommunications, Ethernet

Volume: 25,000 words


  • Detailed information on the switch software, including how to operate and use the management functions of the switch.
  • Getting Started: overview of the switch, some basic concepts about network switches.
  • Web Configuration: basic switch features and description of how to configure them via a web browser.

Key words: Ethernet, switch, LAN, VLAN, interface, port, trunk, traffic, transceiver, MAC address, loopback detection

Translation_Medicaid-Managed-CareCombination: English to Russian

Description: NY State Medicaid Managed Care

Translation Environment: MemoQ

Translation field: General medical

Volume: 15,000 words


  • How Managed Care works, Health Plan ID card, specialty care and referral, Primary Care Provider
  • Emergencies, urgent care, services covered by Fidelis Care, prior authorization and timeframes
  • Disenrollment options, action appeals, external appeals, fair hearings, complaint process

Key words:  Fidelis Care, referral, Medicaid, care providers, plan members, health