Translation from English to Russian

Communicate your value

Communicating the value to customers is something every business is committed to. I will help you to present your competitive advantages and unique value proposition.

Go global

The more languages your website is translated into, the more global and trustworthy you look in the eyes of potential clients. The more clicks you get on your ads. The higher ranking your website has.

Translation helps to reach out to new audience, get higher traffic, and have more clicks

Do not compromise on quality 

While entering the international market and showing your value to millions of people you should be perfect in every aspect.

Do not compromise on quality especially where it concerns translation. Machine translations (or clumsy human translations) will turn people away.

Win the competition

To attract new customers ready to spend money,  you will need an easy-to-read product description written in a language that people understand.

A good copy is something that tips the scale in your favor and makes clients buy from you rather than your competitors.


Proofreading of translations made by others

Quality assurance before publishing

Have you already got your content translated and you need to double-check it? It's a very important quality assurance step. Particularly, if you are going to print the document on paper or put it on the web: millions of people will see it.

Checking by an extra pair of eyes

Typos or wrong grammar decrease readability.  Poor readability means less added value and fewer clients. Mistakes lead to even more serious problems, apart from readers' annoyance. That is why checking by an extra pair of eyes is vital.


I proofread:

  • Translations from any language into Russian
  • English to Russian translations

Proofreading includes:

  • Spelling and grammar check
  • Style check