Technical Translation

I have been translating technical content for about 20 years, initially as an in-house translator and then throught my freelance career.  From welding safety to heavy equipment operator guides, my portfolio inludes dozens of technical translation or editing  projects. Among them:

  • E-learning courses of a multinational oil and gas corporation
  • Website of an engineering workshop specializing in the manufacture of peat machinery and crushers
  • Website of a manufacturer specializing in machine tools for railway wheel set maintenance and production worldwide


English to Russian

Welding Safety Guide

Translated in: Memsource

Field: Welding

Wordcount: 17,000


  • Common hazards in welding
  • Welding fumes and electric shock
  • Material safety data sheets

Keywords: safety practices


MetalsEnglish to Russian

Properties of Metals

Translated in: Memsource

Field: Metals

Wordcount: 24,000


  • Classification of base metals
  • Shapes of structural metals
  • Welding procedure specifications

Keywords: postweld heat treatment



English to Russian

Inspection Certificates

Translated in: Word

Field: Steel Pipes

Wordcount: 5,000


  • Ultrasonic test report
  • Magnetic particle test report
  • Heat treatment report

Keywords: elongation, fracture, shear


Cutting-systemEnglish to Russian

Operative Instruction

Translated in: Trados

Field: Cutting Machine, Thermoforming

Wordcount: 2,000


  • Technical Specification
  • Mounting and Functions
  • Declaration of Incorporation

Keywords: Cutting Die, Punch