Tourism Translation

My experience in the tourism & travel industry comes from working with an international  travel fare aggregator website as a freelance translator. Below you will find the list of tourism translation projects I have been involed in since 2014. The total wordcount of such projects  is over 2 mln words:

  • Insider guides (Valencia, Verona, Cannes, Nurnberg, Porto, Kuta).
  • Hotel descriptions (room types, restaurants, beaches, attractions)
  • Destination finders (Ocean Beach, Terra Mítica, Great Barrier Reef)
  • Beach descriptions (location and access, water sports)


English to Russian

Hotel Descriptions

Translated in: Google-based

Field: Hospitality

Wordcount: 2,000,000


  • Apartments, villas, chalets
  • Local attractions and activities
  • Damage deposit, payment procedure

Keywords:  buffet, theme park, farm stay



English to Russian

Destination Finders

Translated in: Excel

Field: Tourism & Travel

Wordcount: 8,000


  • Ocean Beach, Terra Mítica
  • Great Barrier Reef, Blue Wall Reef
  • Thingvellir National Park

Keywords: shallow dive site



English to Russian

Beach Descriptions

Translated in: Spreadsheet

Field: Tourism & Travel

Wordcount: 23,000


  • Location, access
  • Ground type
  • Activities, water sports 

Keywords:  turquoise waters, kayaking